Well, hello there. {Utah Wedding Photographer}

It’s been awhile.

Like so long that I almost forgot I once had this lovely website. I forgot that when I take engagement photos or Utah wedding pictures, that I should post them on my old Utah Wedding Photography site! So if you’re reading this, it’s a internet miracle because I’m sure my wedding posts are now buried in the outer reaches of the internet.

But if you are there, I first want to say hello again.

Second, I want you to know I’m still here. I don’t spend as many hours a week as I used to as a photographer, but I do still own a camera. And yes, I still know how to operate it. The sad truth is that I commit all my brain power to writing (and guys, being a mom and an author makes me feel like my brain power tank is running on empty most days). So at the end of the day when I should post some images from recent shoots (because yes, I do still take photos for people) I just can’t wrap my mind around finding anything creative to say.

Ridiculous, right? I’m a writer who cannot think of a single sentence to write on this wedding photography blog, and therefore I’ve just gone without posting.

The third thing I want to say is that I’m going to try to do a little better.

Soooooo, here goes:

The other day I shot this couple, Jared and Asia. I love them so much because Jared has been a part time assistant to me. I’ve been teaching him the photography ropes. So when he popped the question to beautiful Asia, I was thrilled that he asked me to take his pictures. And because I was so thrilled, I felt like I should post some of my favorites. I love their cuddly shots and their contagious laughter.

Do you want to know where I shot these? Jared and Asia’s engagements were shot in the foothills above Pleasant Grove, UT.