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    My mom told me I could be anything I wanted to be. "Even Big Bird?" I asked. I remember her scrunching up her face and giving my question a dubious moment of thought. Then she nodded. "Yeah, I suppose if you wanted, you could apply to be on Sesame Street to dress up in a big yellow bird costume." At the time I was five and didn't know Big Bird was a giant puppet. Sure, part of my little-kid brain was blown by finding out the yellow guy wasn't real, but somehow the rest of what my mom said took root inside of me.

    I could be whatever I wanted to be.

    Like a Teacher. I once taught high school English. (Brief stint. Though true.)

    Or a fitness instructor. (I have a love/hate relationship with crossfit.)

    Or, if I wanted, I could be an author that writes fantasy novels about a fierce girl that hunts her father's murderer while evading soldiers out for her blood. Check out my novel, published by Harcourt Children's Publishing on Goodreads.

    I could be a designer. (A Photoshop wizard, if you will) Visit EVER SMITTEN Actions where the presets and actions used to edit my images are available.

    I could be a photographer.
    I've been a wedding photographer for 9 years. I've shot all through out the United States, as well as internationally.
    Of all my interests, photography to me is like a pair of old sweats. It's been with me for years and I'll keep it close for years to come. Happiness is my Nikon, a Coke Zero, and a great haunt to shoot.

    So here's to big yellow birds and life lessons at an early age that have blessed me with so many fulfilling interests and given me a curiously creative appetite. Come on in and stay awhile.

Into the Canyon | Utah Wedding Photography

It’s murderously hot in Utah. This heat wave makes me want to peel off my skin! So when Russell and Cassidy wanted to take their wedding portraits at the newly finished Tibble Fork area, I was game. It’s at least ten degrees cooler in the canyon so I was able to escape the heat and enjoy spending time with these two.

I’ve known Russell for years. His older sister is one of my dear friends. In fact, when my hubby and I bought our first home, Russell’s older sister lived near me and we spent many evenings together. So it only seemed fitting that I spend many evenings with Russell, capturing his engagements and formal images for his upcoming wedding. Here are a few of my favorites:

Well, hello there. {Utah Wedding Photographer}

It’s been awhile.

Like so long that I almost forgot I once had this lovely website. I forgot that when I take engagement photos or Utah wedding pictures, that I should post them on my old Utah Wedding Photography site! So if you’re reading this, it’s a internet miracle because I’m sure my wedding posts are now buried in the outer reaches of the internet.

But if you are there, I first want to say hello again.

Second, I want you to know I’m still here. I don’t spend as many hours a week as I used to as a photographer, but I do still own a camera. And yes, I still know how to operate it. The sad truth is that I commit all my brain power to writing (and guys, being a mom and an author makes me feel like my brain power tank is running on empty most days). So at the end of the day when I should post some images from recent shoots (because yes, I do still take photos for people) I just can’t wrap my mind around finding anything creative to say.

Ridiculous, right? I’m a writer who cannot think of a single sentence to write on this wedding photography blog, and therefore I’ve just gone without posting.

The third thing I want to say is that I’m going to try to do a little better.

Soooooo, here goes:

The other day I shot this couple, Jared and Asia. I love them so much because Jared has been a part time assistant to me. I’ve been teaching him the photography ropes. So when he popped the question to beautiful Asia, I was thrilled that he asked me to take his pictures. And because I was so thrilled, I felt like I should post some of my favorites. I love their cuddly shots and their contagious laughter.

Do you want to know where I shot these? Jared and Asia’s engagements were shot in the foothills above Pleasant Grove, UT.


Madison and Richard | Engagements | Utah Wedding Photography

I took Madi and Richie into the mountains behind my house and found the perfect place to capture engagement photos. The Alpine loop is a picturesque backdrop anytime of year, but especially so in the fall. If you’re not from around Utah County, next time you’re in the state, make sure to drop American Fork Canyon. It has one of the most beautiful scenic drives that loops around to Sundance. There are hundreds of places to capture great portraits and scenic images. But be careful because the road climbs along the steep mountainside and there is limited parking.

I first met Madi years ago when I was hired to take her family’s portraits. Madi’s mom (the fantastic Nicole Giles) is a friend of mine and a fellow author of young adult novels. You can check out her books HERE and HERE.

I’ve found that Madi is just as lovely and talented as her mother. I love this outdoors, woodsy engagement shoot. I used to think summer was my favorite season, but lately I’ve really been digging fall. The earthy scents and crisp leaves littered across the forest floor remind me of something Henry David Thoreau would write about. And then of course, I love all the cute boot styles that come out in fall;) But hey, I’m a shoe girl.
What’s your favorite part about fall?

engagement photo in the woods

engagement session in the woods

FAVORITES | Erin Summerill Photography

I was recently asked to send an online publication 6 of my favorite images. It was a near-impossible task.

I sat, staring at my computer, for hours trying to narrow down my favorite images.

Now I’m not saying all my images are print-competition-winners. The thing is, just like you might get sentimental over an iPhone snap shot, there are images I fall in love with for a variety of reasons. Most of the time I love them because I love my clients so much. When I shoot someone, we forge a unique sort of friendship. We’re both forced to drop our guards and become personable with one another to capture. How often do you put yourself in that situation with a stranger?

My answer would be next to never. So yeah, you get what I’m saying, right?

It’s unique. And if all goes well, the outcome is spectacular.

This post is dedicated to some of my favorite images. There’s no reasoning behind their placement. I just felt like throwing up a mix of all the types of portraits I usually take.

If you’re pinning any of these images, and YES I HOPE YOU DO, please use any of the below hashtags:

#Erinsummerillphotography #erinsummerillbrides #erinsummerill #summerillphotography #summerillweddings #summerillportraits


If you’re pinning any of these images, and YES I HOPE YOU DO, please use any of the below hashtags:

#Erinsummerillphotography #erinsummerillbrides #erinsummerill #summerillphotography #summerillweddings #summerillportraits

HEAD SHOTS ROLL CALL | LDS Storymakers 2016

Have you just signed with an agent and need a new head shot?

Or do you simply need to update that glamour shot from 1989?

Whatever the case, you can now book a mini head shot session for the LDS Storymakers 2016 conference.

Check out the details below!

The Deets:

The conference head shot is $40. Each session is 10 minutes long. Your photographer (Either Brekke Felt or Erin Summerill) will take a dozen or so images. After the conference is over, your photographer will send you an online gallery of those unedited proofs. You will then have the opportunity to choose your favorite image. Your photographer will then edit your image to your liking and send you, via email, a high resolution copy of your new, pristine, publish-worthy head shot.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I have multiple outfit changes during my conference mini-head shot session? No. Unfortunately there isn’t enough time during your mini-session to accommodate an outfit change; however, if you’d like to book a more extensive session that gives you the chance for outfit changes and makeup retouching, you can do that through the contact section of this blog.

When will I get my image? Your gallery will be ready within one week of the conference, and after you choose your image, you will receive an edited copy within 5 days.

What can I use my head shot for? You will be given a limited copyright release that allows you to use your image online, in media, and in print publications. However, if your head shot is used for professional use, credit to the photographer is needed.

What if I’m bad at posing? Fear not, your photographer is a master poser and shooter. She’ll make you look your very best.

How do I know when I’ll have free time? Check out the LDS Storymakers conference schedule HERE.


Available Headshot Sessions:

Time slots available are listed under each photographer (Erin Summerill or Brekke Felt). If you are interested in one of the time slots, please fill out the contact form on this blog. Indicate your desired time as well as a second choice. Sessions book quickly and are given away on a first come basis.

Erin Summerill                                     

Thursday – 3:00 pm

Thursday – 6:00 pm

Thursday – 6:10 pm


Erin Summerill                                     Brekke Felt

Friday 5:00 pm – Filled                           Friday – 9:50

Friday 5:30 pm – Filled                          Friday – 10:00

Friday 5:40 pm                                       Friday – 1:20

Friday 7:40 pm                                        Friday – 2:10

Friday – 7:50 pm – Filled                         Friday – 5:40


Erin Summerill                                    Brekke Felt

Saturday 11:00 am                                 Saturday – 8:50

Saturday 1:20 pm                                   Saturday – 11:40

Saturday 3:40 pm                                   Saturday – 11:50

Saturday 3:50 pm                                   Saturday – 1:20


TO BOOK A SESSION: fill out the contact section of this website, indicating your desired time and photographer.