You have questions, and hopefully I have the answers you’re looking for. Take a look through my most frequently asked questions. If something is still puzzling you, send me a message through my contact page.


Q: How long have you been a professional photographer?

My early years of photography started in high school, but my leap into professional photography began in 2007 when I started shooting weddings in Utah. Since then I’ve shot weddings throughout the United States and internationally


Q: How many weddings have you shot?

I don’t know. I could probably go back and count all the wedding images on my hard drives. But I have hundreds of thousands of images stashed from all those weddings, and it would take quite some time to sort through them. Too much time. I shoot between thirty and forty weddings a year. That number decreased drastically this past year because I’ve spent more time focusing on my career as an author (you can check out what I’m talking about HERE or HERE). But though I’m not shooting as much as I used to, I am still taking weddings because those are what I love to shoot.


Q: Do you shoot with a second photographer?

Yes. Always. I employ a second photographer for two reasons. And it’s because of these two reasons that I also NEVER shoot without my second photographer. First, can you imagine how awful it would be to completely lose all the images from your wedding day? Shooting with a second photographer is personal insurance on my part and the part of my client that in case something were to ever happen to me or my gear, there are always back-images. Second, shooting a wedding is physically and mentally exhausting. It takes a partnership to capture the best images. I attribute some of my best work to my partner.


Q: Do you charge extra for your second photographer?

No. The package prices discussed cover my shooting time as well as my second photographer’s shooting time.


Q: Why aren’t all your wedding prices listed online?

I have a range of clients that contact me and each one is unique. No one single package works for everyone. Also, depending on where wedding clients are located, there are different fees associated with travel. Because of this, it’s difficult to put specific prices online.


Q: How many images do you guarantee with each package?

This is also a difficult number to tackle.¬†When discussing packages with clients, I discuss a number that I think will be appropriate to their day. Depending on the wedding package and hours over coverage on the wedding day that a bride needs, the number of images will increase or decrease. I’ve had weddings that have had as few as 300 images for a short ceremony, and weddings that have had as many as 1200 images.


Q: When do you recommend I book you as my wedding photographer?

As soon as you decide on your venue. My schedule tends to be booked early in advance. The sooner you contact me, the better chance you have of securing your date.


Q: What happens if you’re booked on my wedding date?

I will refer a handful of other photographers that I trust and admire and have complete confidence in for your wedding photography.


Q: So you’ve shot all over, what is your most favorite international wedding location?

Since I’ve been to New Zealand a few times for wedding clients, I’ve grown a special place in my heart for that beautiful country. If I could, I’d pack up and live in New Zealand for a few years.



Q: I’m not a wedding client, I just want to book senior pictures, but I’m not sure what to wear or how far in advance I need to book you. Suggestions?

Hey! Thanks for stopping by. Yes, I shoot seniors when I’m not shooting weddings or writing books. First off, schedule an appointment as far in advance as you can free up your own schedule. And second, go pinterest the heck out of your outfits to find something that really captures your personality. Come up with three great outfits and then you’ll be ready to go.


Q: Can I do my senior portraits with my best friend?

While I don’t recommend this, I do allow it. I have an add-on fee of $200 that I charge to the session. When you add-on a friend, the session isn’t extended in any way, so in a sense, you’re both getting shorter sessions, but it can make for a really fun photo shoot.


Q: Can I have props in my senior portraits?

Yes! I fully encourage seniors to bring along instruments, sports equipment, outfits, or anything they absolutely love that defines their style and self. I want you to be you!


If I haven’t answered your specific question, feel free to send me an email. You can chat me up directly through my Contact page.