Over the years, I’ve been blessed to work with amazing clients. Since a photographer works closely with a bride and groom on a wedding day, it’s important to develop a close rapport. Those relationships I’ve developed over the years are invaluable to me. Without my previous client’s continued support and praise and referrals, my business would not continue to thrive. My photography business has grown to what it is today solely because of my clients. For this, I’m ever grateful.


It’s my hope that you’ll be a satisfied customer too!


They say a picture is worth a 1000 words, but a picture from Erin Summerill is worth its weight in gold! It was such an blast to have Erin as a photographer. For most people, it may be hard for them to remember the details of their wedding day, but Erin’s unique ability to capture EVERY moment really made our wedding day experience an unforgettable one. One thing that I honestly think sets Erin apart from any other photographer is her personality. Erin’s personality can be summed up in one word-Fun! She has a natural talent to get anyone she is working with to relax and to smile and laugh (which coincidentally makes for great pictures). I also love how she suggests the perfect poses. You never have to worry about how your pictures are going to turn out in the hands of Erin Summerill. — Dave and Brittany Barton, Wedding Clients


I have been using Erin Summerill Photography for almost ten years. There is no one I trust more to capture beautiful family pictures, professional head shots, and important business images. Erin has a talent for posing, lighting, and capturing candid moments. I highly recommend her to anyone. -Jessie Humphries


Every year that Erin takes my family photos , I always get asked, “Wow, who is your photographer?” Not only does Erin find amazing backdrops and settings, but she manages to make us all look good! No matter if it’s a hundred degrees in the Vegas desert, forty degrees in the Utah mountains, or a cool seventy on the California beach, she always captures the best of us. –Julie Tandy