Utah Wedding Photographer | Sidney + Regan | American Fork Canyon

This gorgeous setting is one of my favorites in all of Utah for bridal photography. I took Sidney and Regan up American Fork Canyon to take pictures in the quaky trees. Then we stopped along the benches of Utah county where the overgrown fall weeds were the perfect soft touch for Sid’s vintage-esque style. Sidney and Regan looked absolutely stunning in their formal session.

If you haven’t booked a formal session, I would suggest every bride look into doing one for a couple reasons. First, you only wear your dress once. A formal session gives you a chance to wear it on another day besides your wedding day. Second, you never know what the weather will be like on your wedding day or what possible problems may arise. When you do a formal session, you have more control over the outcome of your images. And what bride doesn’t want gorgeous images of her in her dress with her groom?

If seeing your groom before your wedding day isn’t your style, you can always do a formal session after your wedding day.

For more information on formal sessions, send me an inquiry through the contact section of this site.

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January 14, 2016 - 4:26 pm

Tammy - Erin–These photos are so beautiful! They have this dreamy quality that I just can’t look away from! Bravo on the lighting and colors! You are so talented and I love seeing all your work because it’s consistently beautiful without being cookie cutter. Also, your subject matter here are pretty dang attractive….